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About Us

Fancy Fierce Boutique
By Fancy
Behind the Boutique

Fancy Fierce Boutique started out as just an idea about 4 years ago, by Fancy. She was sitting in her living room looking through a magazine & thought to herself "What if I could open my own boutique or clothing store one day"? Besides,she always loved clothing, jewelry, & accessories growing up. Often times she would play dress-up in her mother's clothing. However, she put her dreams on hold and decided to work full-time in the corporate world and go to college. Becoming a boutique owner always remained in the back of her mind.

Until one day she was sitting at work, listening to a local radio show. Just so happen the guest speaker on the show that day was a guy by the name of Gary Vaynerchuk. For those of you who never heard of him, he's a business man & entrepreneur. He was promoting his book "Crushing It! After that interview concluded it made her feel like she should be pursuing her dreams, instead of making someone else's dreams come true.She's not saying that you shouldn't work hard and provide for you & your family. She's saying "Don't be afraid to follow your dreams, it's never too late". From that day forward she started researching & planning different ways to start a boutique business. And the rest is HISTORY! 

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